About VR Bike

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What is VR Bike?

VR Bike is a virtual reality cycling system that allows you to cycle through and interact with a 3D game world. Terrain-adaptive resistance allows you to feel terrain changes, and gyroscopic steering allows you to explore the world. It has multiplayer capability, too, so you can share the experience with family, friends, and other cycling enthusiasts.

It is currently in a free and open beta, so feel free to try the system out here.

How did this project begin?

VR Bike originated from a university research project to make exercising more enjoyable for cardiac rehabilitation patients recovering from heart trauma, such as heart attacks, and, ultimately, increase the adherence to rehabilitation therapy. We are currently planning to conduct a clinical trial focused on this concept in the spring of 2016.

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How does VR Bike work?

Vr Bike system

VR Bike utilizes multiple wireless technologies for inter-device communication. The Android smart phone uses Bluetooth 4.0 Low-Energy (LE) to get data from the Wahoo bike trainer and, optionally, a heart rate monitor. This data, along with data from the phone’s internal gyroscopic sensors, is then sent to the PC game via wireless networking.

The PC game, built on the Unity engine, uses this data to determine your speed and heading as you move you through our Virtual Reality (VR) world. When you encounter a change in terrain, the PC game detects this and communicates back to the KICKR an instruction to change its resistance.